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wineyard.jpgPilot Knob Vineyard encompasses 112 acres in the Texas Hill Country, just 2.5 miles west of US 183, 14 miles north of Liberty Hill and only 50 miles north of downtown Austin. Pilot Knob sits on the edge of a sweeping ridgeline, overlooking lightly treed rolling hills sloping downward with panoramic hill country views reaching as far as 15 miles. The terrain of the site provides gradual undulations, with elevations from 1,151 feet above sea level to 1,100 feet at its furthest southwest and southeast corners.


The soils of Pilot Knob provide excellent drainage, a must for excellent vine production. In order to insure world class production, the land of Pilot Knob has been carefully prepared with the right nutrients, and given ample time to come into optimum balance. Ultimately, Pilot Knob will have 92 acres of vines with six distinct varietals, selected for their exceptional flavor and compatibility with the region. The first acre (14 rows and 658 plants) was planted April 25th of 2008 with Cabernet Sauvignon (Clone #8) vines grafted to 1103P rootstock, a pairing chosen for its quality and fit with the land. 


Our second planting took place in early April 2009, and consisted of two acres planted to two varietals. Pilot Knob continued to expand its offering of Cabernet Sauvignon by planting another .5 acres with the same clone and rootstock selection as was previously planted. In addition, a new varietal was planted, that shows potential as being the "signature" grape for Texas. Pilot knob planted 1.5 acres of Tempranillo (red), that will begin to take part in shaping the exciting future of this varietal in Texas.


Spring of 2011, our Tasting Room/Event Area was developed on the site, and the fruits of our labor (so to speak) are now being processed into a wine that can make Texas proud. An amazing experience now awaits the wine lovers who come to visit Pilot Knob.